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What is the role of youth in Indian politics?

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Originally Answered: What role do the youth play in Indian politics?

We have adult suffrage, so youth have larger say in politics and they can show it by voting. But I want to direct your attention to another less discussed role of Indian youth (and maybe negative ones). They play a big role in manufacturing the mindset of people with help of following tools.

Spreading Rumors:

Yeah, they are the prime mover of spreading rumors. They are manufacturers as well as main vehicle of propagating them. Largest portion of internet users is young people and we can see that lot of rumors sail fast through modern platforms like Whatsapp and even Quora. So, youth can be held responsible for this.

I want to give very recent example. On the day Modi cancelled 500 and 1000 denomination, I received tons of message on Whatsapp saying about the existence of so called ‘high-tech’ chip in upcoming notes. Now, this surely was creativity of some Indian youth and lot of us supported him by forwarding it to other. Though in this particular case, the outcome wasn’t dangerous but these kind of rumors have potential to disrupt the system in volatile time. Extent of spread was so great that RBI had to clarify that there no such chip.

By spreading this rumors they gain more attention and popularity for their leaders. Interesting thing is, they sometimes supports their claim by some pseudo scientific facts.

Creating memes:

Now you will think that this not something substantial or important but it does have potential to change mind of people at prolonged exposure. Memes work on you subconsciously. You know they are for fun but subconsciously you start to buying that idea and, in the end, you actually believe them.

Best example here is the memes of Rahulbhai. Of course, personally Rahul would not be as dumb as described by these memes but these memes has almost spoiled his carrier by spoiling his image. That too in very lightly and humorous way. They are so effective that when you read this answer you’ll say that Rahul is not dumb because people make his memes but he is dumb so people make his memes. It has power to complete the whole circle and at the end you’ll not know what was right and what was wrong.

Let me tell you, if you don’t know, that most political parties have separate cells of such creative persons whose job is to make memes professionally for shaping and destroying the image of their opponents. But the thing is some parties and their leaders are just very good at it.

So, I request you to don’t get swayed by these efforts and apply your own rationality.

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